Saturday, December 1, 2018

This is (Runway) Art...

Over the years, there has been hundreds upon thousands of runway shows. And while each one takes months of hard work to put on (as I found out after our own runway show Apricity), there are some that offer such memorable experiences that stand out amongst the rest. 'Tall poppies grow here' as my high-school slogan stated, some that are simply better than the others. 

For me personally, I appreciate both the theatrics and minute details that go into shows. The collection being presented should be cohesive, and when there's an immense amount of story-telling that goes into the exhibition, you can further see the designers goals and visions shining through. 

Take a look at some of the all-time best fashion runway shows that exist to date:

#1 Jean Paul Gaultier Spring 2007

Heavenly heavenly bodies! The Victorian style romanticism mixed with Catholic references saw the models painted as statues, each one wearing a halo. The make-up and halos paid homage to iconic church imagery. 

#2 Lanvin Spring 2000

There's perhaps nothing more Y2K than the colours lilac, cocoa brown, hot pink and lime green. Cristina Ortiz, designing for Lanvin, sent a collection down the runway that inspired fashion in movies such as Charlie's Angels and D.E.B.S. 

#3 Anna Sui Spring 1994

This MIGHT be the collection of my current dreams! From silk slip dresses and leather to anglaise and faux fur, Anna Sui ss94 is a fluffy runway dream. Current trends in fashion are super reminiscent of this collection; such as Realisation Par floral dresses and Dyspnea & Cloudhunter silk minis

#4 Todd Oldham Spring 1995

Despite its occurrence in 1995, this Todd Oldham runway show features many trending items that are plastered all over Instagram in modern day fashion culture. Snakeskin and tiger print are featured heavily (and done way better by Todd Oldham) as well as classic silhouettes and mini dresses. Overall, a classic 90's runway show that still remains relevant in todays fashion climate.

#5 Jacquemus Spring 2018 Ready-to-Wear

I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for Jacquemus. Maybe it's because of my profound longing for a simpler life in the South of France or maybe it's just my appreciation for minimalistic designs, but the Jacquemus 2018 Spring show hit all the right spots for me. Plus, who can't help but love Simon Porte Jacquemus. A quick look at his social media shows not only his love for his work, but also his joyous attitude and equally as beautiful boyfriend!

#6 Charlotte Knowles Spring/Summer 2019 

I've mentioned Charlotte Knowles previously when I commented on this year's fashion weeks however this collection needed to be mentioned more than once. Charlotte Knowles is one of three Central Saint Martins graduates that showed this year and she served her purpose of offering a thought-provoking collection that drew inspiration from current athleisure trends in the market. Check out her Instagram account for a more in-depth look at behind-the-scenes of the show and closer examinations of the garments. 


Wednesday, September 26, 2018

🏩🏩🏩 Heian Poetry 🏩🏩🏩

Long before Rupi Kaur existed (and every second girl suddenly had an interest in poetry), the Heian period in Japan knew many great aristocrats and artists. Known as the Golden Age in Japan, The Heian period existed from 794 to 1185. It got it's name from the location of the imperial capital. The period was most well-known for flourishing culture, pursuit of aesthetic refinement and art & literature. 

Two of the most well-known poets of the time were Izumi Shikibu and Ono no Komachi. Izumi Shikibu was a member of the Thirty-Six Female Immortals of Poetry and combined eroticism and romanticism with Buddhist philosophy. Ono no Komachi was also regarded among the Thirty-Six Immortals of Poetry and was known for writing emotionally charged poetry. She was also a figure of ideal beauty. It was thought that the ability to write beautiful poetry reflected the external beauty of the writer. 

Poetry in the Heian period was highly regarded. It actually served as a way of courtship for men and for women, it was public representation outside the home. Heian poetry was not only a reflection of women's beauty, but also a man's attractiveness. With their beauty ideals being so closely linked, poetry was inherently meaningful in society. 

Poetry and romanticism were so closely linked in the Heian period, making looking back at it extremely interesting. They held different gender ideals back then. It's hard to imagine now poetry being so significant, but should we perhaps try to integrate it back into our lives? 

So as exhibited in the texts above, poetry did in fact exist before Rupi Kaur. In specific, this romantic style of poetry expressing aesthetic refinement was once pivotal to life in Japan. 


Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The Best of NYFW SS19

For the past 9 days, fashion has gripped New York. More so than normal. New York Fashion Week has been borderline lacklustre so far. So when I write 'the best of nyfw ss19',  there really isn't a lot for me to go off. A lot of the shows were normative and didn't offer much in innovation. Some honestly even felt like they were a season behind *cough Ralph Lauren cough*. But there were a quite a few that spiked my interest and stood out in terms of craft and skill. There was an intense use of colour throughout the week that stood out as a major trend for the upcoming season. Alongside colour, there was use of thinner fabrics and unconventional cuts that challenged traditional designs and moved beautifully along the runway.


This show was also one of my faves of the week. I was super drawn to it because both the runway and the garments reminded me of soft glowing neon lights. It's almost 'Spring Breakers-esque', but with way better fashion and a bit of a Y2K vibe. But just the technique and cut of the garments alone is gorgeous. I LOVE it!!

#2 Kate Spade

I don't remember having ever liked anything by Kate Spade before, but the colour palette and 70's inspired patterns of this collection are so yummy! After Kate Spade's passing earlier this year, this collection is the perfect ode to her. 

#3 Collina Strada

I probably watched the Collina Strada runway show on Youtube maybe 4 times. The atmosphere of the show was magical and the garments themselves were effervescent!

#4 Parsons MFA

The Parsons MFA show might have been my favourite show. It's obvious that their students have some super raw and unfiltered ideas; making for some gorgeous pieces of art. It really signals hope for the future of creativity in NYFW.

#5 Rodarte

Rodarte's use of colour was super feminine and eye-catching. The organza like fabric draped the models beautifully and honestly I wish I was there.

#6 John Elliot

Set in a skate-park, showing off the epitome of Los Angeles style, John Elliot showed a variety of monochromatic outfits featuring shoes from Suicoke in this male & female show.

#7 Maryam Nassir Zadeh

MNZ brought a 'vacation' feel to this latest collection, influenced by her summer overseas, while also channeling some of the latest trends such as bike pants and zebra print. Basically, when I'm travelling through Europe this is what I'm trying to be like!


Wednesday, September 5, 2018

food for thought (◕‿◕✿)

there is something about anime food that literally makes me drool. Why is it infinitely better looking than any food I've ever made or been served in reality? 

This might be the most pointless thing I've ever written but it's 10:14pm on a Wednesday night. I'm supposed to be doing my Consumer Behaviour assignment that's due in two days and instead I'm writing an appreciation post for anime food. I'm not going to be surprised if I fail. Sad, but not surprised. But nonetheless, enjoy some mouthwatering images that will probably induce some serious hunger ♥‿♥


A List of Some Pretty Cool Stuff!!

This list is the result of a desire to write again but a lack of ideas. But this stuff has been helping my existence lately so why not share it? 

#1 Drinking a lot of water
#2 Sesame oil
#3 Actually getting enough sleep lately
#4 mario badescu
#5 The account @sushixnails on Instagram

#6 Cherries
#7 vegan Kewpie mayo!
#8 Anime food
#9 The Love Witch
#10 Timothée Chalamet
#11 Listening to 'I've Seen the Footage' by Death Grips

#12 The entire Fast & Furious movie series
#13 gin
#14 Spring rolls
#15 Disposable cameras
#16 Nicole Richie's tv series 'Candidly Nicole'
#17 kitten heels

#18 the PAQ Youtube channel
#19 The Jean Paul Gaultier Spring 2007 Couture runway show
#20 The new King Krule music video
#21 My knock-off Hello Kitty mirror from a cheap two dollar store
#23 Any book by Amanda Lovelace


Thursday, February 1, 2018


Avant-garde: (noun) New or experimental ideas and methods in art, music or literature. 

Art is a widely subjective topic that traverses every continent on this earth. No matter how talented we are, pretty much everyone practises some form of art without even realising. The way you do your make-up? That's art. Even the way you plate up your dinner can be considered art (weird, I know right!) Typically, people tend to lump together particular 'styles' of art. Whether it's being an 'American painter' or an 'African artist', culturally, art from certain continents is believed to have similar characteristics and is viewed as art from that certain culture. 

The peak of the avant-garde movement saw predominantly white males document and solidify their masterpieces in art history. London's October Gallery first coined the term 'Transvangarde' in the 80's, choosing to exhibit works of art from outside Europe. To this day the gallery continues the Transvangarde movement by exhibiting avant-garde art by women, PoC and LGBTQI communities. 

Transvangarde is the belief that artists don't belong to one 'culture' but rather belong to all. There is no barriers or boundaries, art belongs to everyone. Art is a freeform tool of self-expression and this movement is helping put art back into the hands of those with stories to tell. 

Take a look at some of the best pieces below: 


Saturday, December 23, 2017

What To Wear When....

It is summer. The days are reaching above 35 degrees celsius. I cannot handle it. The heat is nice to a point, but when I'm dripping in sweat from simply sitting on the couch, it's too much. Aside from the heat, my life is a mess in other ways. My lease is up in two weeks and do I have a new house yet? No. I'm poor from buying Christmas gifts and I don't have any New Years Eve plans yet. So what do I do when I get stressed? Plan outfits. 

Everyone has a creative outlet, and planning outfits is mine. I could have 5 assessments due and I would still be up all night procrastinating on Polyvore. It's lucky that I study fashion, so styling clothing is still in the realm of 'study'. 

So to forget about the heat and take my mind to a calmer place, Polyvore has been my best friend lately. I've posted a few of my fave outfits below. As you can see they're all geared towards a cooler climate, a reflection of my desires right now maybe? Take a geez *.。(❁´◡`❁)。.。